1. The service shall be administered by Oferteo sp. z o.o. having its registered office in Wrocław at ul. Świeradowska 51-57/102A, NIP [tax identification number] PL8992693475, REGON [business statistical number] 021182878, KRS [National Court Register] 0000347252.
2. The regulations concern the principles of the functioning and conditions of usage of online service Oferteo.co.uk which has been designed for Users looking for trade partners.
3. The regulations determine the rights and obligations of Users of the service as well as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator.
4. Upon accepting the Regulations, each User confirms that they have read their contents and consents to their terms and conditions.
5. The Administrator shall be authorized to verify the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided by the Users as well as to amend and supplement it.

6. Services provided by Oferteo.co.uk shall be free of charge.
7. The Administrator reserves the right to introduce fees for the services provided.

8. By using the Service, in particular by registering or posting an advertisement, the User consents to the processing and usage of the personal details provided by them, including the information encompassed in the advertisement, for marketing purposes or for the purposes of providing services as part of Oferteo.co.uk and storing it in the Administrator’s database. At the same time, the User consents to receiving commercial information from the Service.
9. The Administrator shall process personal details of natural persons in order to provide the services and shall be the administrator of such data. Provision of personal details in the Service shall be voluntary. Everyone who has disclosed their personal details at Oferteo.co.uk has the right to access their personal details and amend them upon prior unambiguous confirmation of their identity.
10. Oferteo.co.uk requires the Customers who post advertisements to provide only the necessary details. At the same time, the service provides the Users with some freedom and depending on their evaluation allows them to provide a greater scope of details. Details of the Customers posting advertisements shall be made available only to registered companies.
11. Any and all advertising content connected with the Administrator’s and its Contractors’ commercial activities can be sent to Users solely upon their consent.
12. Some areas of the Service might be using cookie files which, among other things, are used to facilitate the logging in process.
13. The user’s password shall be encrypted with a method which prevents the Administrator from getting to know it.
14. The user’s account shall contain confidential information. Details of the user’s account can be changed by using the menu option in Moje oferteo. Access to the user’s account shall be protected with a password.
15. A registered user shall be obliged to protect access to their password. The user shall be responsible for any and all activities of the registered user or third parties made for or through their account.

16. The Administrator shall not provide any guarantees that the Service is free from defects.
17. The Administrator shall not be liable for disruptions in the functioning of the Service even if they result in Users’ losing their data.
18. The Administrator reserves the right to temporary breaks in the operation of the service due to technical issues or force majeure.
19. The Administrator shall not be liable for the contents of information and materials posted and sent through the Service.
20. The Administrator shall not guarantee that there will be any trade contact between users of the service.
21. The Administrator shall not be liable for the consequences arising from using data provided by the service.

22. The Administrator shall not be a party to agreements, covenants or any and all other legal acts made among Users of the service and therefore shall not bear any responsibility for failure to perform or improper performance of agreements concluded as a result of or in connection with using the service. Neither shall the Administrator be liable for other acts or omissions of the Users.
23. The User shall be liable for their usage of the Service.
24. The User shall be fully liable for any and all contents and data posted on Oferteo.co.uk.
25. The User shall be obliged to provide only true and up-to-date information.
26. Information acquired from the Service shall not be circulated and transferred to third parties.
27. Illegal contents shall not be posted in the service.
28. Materials which are obscene, offensive, disrespectful to human dignity, offending to other people’s feelings or views, etc. shall not be posted in the service.

29. Any and all acts in breach of these regulations shall be considered acting to the detriment of the Administrator.
30. The Administrator reserves the right to permanently or temporarily block the User, the advertisement or the User Account should they breach the present regulations, regulations of the law or any third party rights.
31. The User shall not be the owner of the internet address of their online showcase. The Administrator shall have the right to change the address of the showcase without quoting a reason.
32. The Administrator shall have the right to amend the regulations at all times.
33. New regulations shall take effect upon their publishing in the Service at terms.
34. In the case of disputes, the parties shall strive to resolve them out of court and should a court settlement be needed, the court having jurisdiction over the Administrator’s registered office shall be the competent court.